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Pastor G. Richard Hoard

395 Research Dr., Athens GA 30605

Let Oconee River Church help you grow in your faith.

Are you looking for something different? Come and give Oconee River Church a try! If you long to know more about the Bible, but have no idea where to start, come and visit. If you are new in your faith or have been on your faith walk for many years, we welcome you here. We offer many opportunities for for you to grow and serve. We have a Small Group Ministry, choir, Men's Prayer Group, Bible studies on Wednesday evenings. If you long to be a part of a caring , Christian community, we invite you to come. It is our sincere hope that you will find peace and rest here. It is our prayer that you will find God here.

Vision Statement

I see a church where people are seeking to live in a way that makes evident the transformation of character which comes when Christ is welcomed as living in the human heart. I see a church where a revival occurs as powerful as others that have swept the country when the truth of the Gospel message is lived out by people with faith. I see a church where people love one another with a love that helps show to our community that a life connected to Christ can actually be lived. I see a church where people struggling with issues of  anger, anxiety, depression and  low self esteem can find the power in Christ that helps them change their thinking  which will lead to changes in their emotions and in their actions.
A Wesleyan Congregation 

Sunday Services

Choir Practice  9:00 AM

Sunday School10:00 AM

Fellowship & Coffee  10:45 AM

Worship  11:00 AM

Oconee River Church in Athens