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When I was twenty I came face to face with the old man convicted of paying five thousand dollars for the murder of my father.
From the gripping first line of this true story, you will follow a young man's journey through grief and
despair to acceptance and forgiveness. Summoning the memories of the events surrounding the August 7,
1967, car bombing of Jackson County, Georgia, prosecutor Floyd "Fuzzy" Hoard, Alone among the Living is 
G. Richard Hoard's remembrance of the father he lost that day and his subsequent struggle to come to terms 
with the murder.

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     A ministerial student’s horror of the dead and the dying is so pronounced that the church  authorities 
refuse to ordain him until he conquers his fear. They assign thirty-one year old Joseph Belder to 
the pediatrics floor of a research hospital where he is stretched to the limits of  his sanity, haunted by the
ghosts of children, tormented by his ineffective prayers at saving them. 
     His wife, Julia, who married Joe when he was a coach, cannot understand his inability to find happiness in his work. Lonely, and out of her element at seminary, she wraps her life around  their two small children
and offers little empathy toward the husband she fears ready to quit yet another job. Enter Marisa Madison,
a new seminary student who befriends Julia, but then, intrigued by Joe, begins to offer him much more than
friendship. Soon Joe finds himself entangled in a web that will cost him much more than the ministry. 
     Through Fear of Death is a story of how good people rise and fall – and then rise again.
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A teenaged track star, son of a sociology professor, puts his father’s ideology to work in 1962 rural Georgia. But he learns that to save a beautiful black girl from a life of sexual abuse, he not only
must put her life at risk, but also his own. Can Jeff Powers and Tamara Collins win the race 
against prejudice of their time?
Published and sold by CSePub.

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G. Richard Hoard has won writing awards from the Georgia Press Association, the Salvation Army, and the AMMY Foundation. He is an alumnus of The University of Georgia. He has taught literature and composition in high school and speech communication in college while serving as pastor of the Oconee River Church in Watkinsville, Georgia.

Pastor G. Richard Hoard